Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slums - Through the lens

Improper sanitation
 poor quality of drinking water
unlivable housing
Unhygenic living conditions
poor economic status
 gender inequality
domestic violence, 
child labour, crimes 

All these prevail in the slums of any city .Slums in urban India symbolise both hope and despair

Nearly one in every six urban Indian residents lives in a slum, newly released Census data shows. Roughly 1.37 crore households, or 17.4% of urban Indian households lived in a slum in 2011.38 % of the slum households are in 46 Million Plus Cities. 45% of the slum households live in one room.

Many schemes/programs, crores of rupees is being spent in improving and arresting the future growth of slums, but still slums remain as slums.

Many authorities assume/think there is no solution and it is never easy to arrest slums hence they ignore slums.

So?? Are we purposefully ignoring the problem???
 Here I present few Random clicks in slums

Kids help their mom to fill water

Post-lunch chit chat

Little girl putting all her energy to fill the bucket

Just posing for picture

A housewife washing clothes on the road

An old man  in a dilapidated house

A ray hope-will any scheme change my fate?

Lady making bangles

No photographs please- A lady washing clothes in front of house

Jardosi work

A puzzled old man, cooking his food


  1. It amazes me how people can live a life even in such conditions. Then again somewhere our governance has failed to eradicate the same....

  2. The people living there have no option and are used to such living condition. Our Governance is more perfect on paper rather on ground.

  3. My heart breaks every time I see such poor innocent children who dont even get proper food and education. Their only mistake is taking birth in the families of "have-nots"!
    And the irony of life is that we have everything we need but we are still not satisfied with what we have.
    Yes it will always remain somewhere in my heart that I failed miserably in changing the condition.(failed to even change the mindsets of some people)
    P.S. Did you personally click the pics? :)

    1. Thanks for reading and your kind words. I work for the improvement of slums in urban areas, so during my visit to slums i clicked them.

    2. Oh thats really very kind of you to take up such service. Can you please let me know about your work and if you like may be you can share some of your experiences. Thanks and stay happy :)


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