Friday, February 17, 2012

I know it's your wish, but it's weird too

In walk of our life, we meet many people, known, unknown, strangers ... Sometime we call some people as ITEMS, seriously they are!! I understand, it's their wish, but can't deny that its weird..

Well, I live in a place which I can't call it as posh area, but a semi posh ;). sometimes when I go to near by market in the morning , I find many uncles and brothers driving bikes while brushing their teeth, Seriously true, Some people come out  to buy vegetables and some to drop their kids at bus stops.  Till date i didnt understand , WHY?? either they can brush before or after the work.. May be they are fine with it, but its weird!!

The showoff Gang, we find these people in many places, showing of their gadgets and trying to get noticed by others, well if  a pretty gals are around, you should definetly watch them.. :P

Big fat Aunties, who wear tight tees/tops showing off their tires, well i am not against you, but dress appropriately based on your size.

The one more set of  weird people, they know there is traffic jam, but still keep honking .. Whats wrong with you guys? everyone want to move, but  just have patience...

The Bravo students who get down from running bus in opposite direction, scares people coming behind the bus. Arey can't you walk few metres?? what was so urgent for you to get down in a dangerous curves of road? Care for  your lives buddies!!

One more weird person I meet everyday is my landlord lady's sister, a 45 yr old lady (90 kgs), she meets me at parking lot of my apartment,says  Hi!! you are very late today, look at your eyes and dark circles ,Look at me how nicely i maintain my skin, blah blah blah.... eats my head for 15-20 mins, Arey aunty samja karo!!!, i am so tired want to rush inside my flat and want to lie down on my bed.. leave me plchhhhh....

well there are many more in my list, but i have to leave office, it already 10 min more i have stayed back.. :P



  1. Riding a bike while brushing their teeth. Something that I need to see.

    I guess they are trying to do time management. Quite an observant gal you are.

    BTW, you write your blogs from office? I hope I could do that.

    1. Thanks for your compliment :)! ya sometimes i write from office, you know it is more fun to write from office :)


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