Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sixteen Silly Worries

1. About silly fights with dear ones which become serious

2. Big dreams, but lazy to wake up and realize

3. When boredom makes days tough

4. Sleepy afternoons at office

5. Feeling hungry at Midnight when nothing is available at home

6. Broken hearts due to silly disappointments

7. Cell phone bills

8. Unwanted office deadlines

9. New Clothes become too tight

10. When you don’t find clothes of your size in Sale

11. Tanning due to sun

12. When long lasting lip gloss won’t last long

13. Grey hair & Hair fall

14. When I don’t get tickets for the movie on weekend

15. Rains.... when wearing new footwear

16. Finding yourself alone in your room in the middle of night

P.S: I was waiting for the clock to click 6.00 Pm,  so that i can leave my office, and has stopped working,So thought of utilizing my office time effectively :P

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  1. LOL! So true! I smiled throughout!

  2. The last one seriously scares me..not only worry, But scares!
    nd right now m worried with hairfall :(
    Btw awesome utilisation of time :D

  3. Whr did my comment go???!!!!
    Ok i repeat!
    The last point is something which scares me rather than just worry me!
    Also right now m big time worried by FAIRFALL :(
    Awesome utilistion of time!

  4. @ sahana:ya i feel we worry abt these a lot& i am happy it made u smile

    @red: Thanks :) i am sorry i was late in publishing, hair fall is a such a big worry for everyone :P

  5. I guess the time was well utilized :D


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