Friday, June 3, 2011

I want to Get rid Of...

  • Habit of Biting Nails
  • Using the word F^*K and S*&;T
  • Reading book just after getting up from the sleep in the morning.
  • Being sweet & kind  to everyone
  • Believing people fast
  • Aerated drinks
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Laziness
  • Being loud in words
  • Being Nostalgic and Emotional
  • Reaching Office late
  • Having Mirchi Bajji everyday :P
  • Eating cheese & nuts.. (since i am allergic to them)
I want to Change.. Change is Good 


  1. even I had mine list of do's and don't's... which I hardly follow. I hope you will stick to your list. :)

  2. this sounds like a mid year resolution :P

  3. @rachit: ya i Should follow at least 75 % of them

    @redhanded: not really serious resolution, just if i follow, cud be better

  4. you are so much like me... my list has all of these except for the last two.
    best of luck with changing. :)

  5. @jojo: Hey thanks tonnes for stopping at my blog.. i am happy to see someone who is like me.. keep visiting.. :)



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