Friday, June 10, 2011

A guy at traffic signal..

Hey you??

Yeahh you man i'm talking to you.. (Don’t look around)

Ufff.. Stop looking into the car mirror.. No?

Now.. What’s wrong with your hair? Damn so bad messy spikes.. Yuck!!!..

Pheww what’s on your face? Applied a lot of sunscreen? Ha ha ha… you look horrible…

Oh I didn’t not observe low waist jeans?? Y the hell you need them? This is damn sick…

Oh just wait wait what are those 100 bands on your wrist? Oh are you trying to be fast track model?

Whatever it may be..I just called you to say that “check you have dropped your wallet on road “

Btw nice tattoo :)

P.S: Guys Don't be offended..


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