Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real beauty comes from with in. . .

Designer Clothes, wonderful makeup, Branded shoes, people to appreciate your looks...

Yes all these make you look pretty & beautiful but they won’t make you feel beautiful.

Because the attributes of the beauty are love, kindness, faith, trust and honesty and a smile with a spark in your eyes makes you feel beautiful. 

As quoted by Kahlil Gibran “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”…

Real beauty lies in a person whose heart is filled with these attributes. We all are blessed to see such a beautiful person in our life, who have kindness in her face, kindness in her eyes, kindness in her smile. She is none other than our beloved “Mother Teresa” 

She was one of the most intensely profiled celebrities of the last century, who was Born in Yugoslavia and was a shining light for Calcutta

She changed the world ... and she did indeed accomplish something beautiful for God 

She is the woman who conquered the hearts of people across the world and crossed the barriers of race, religion, creed, and nation

She made the world better place to live with her kindness and love

Today her Missionaries of Charity houses are found in 120 countries, on every one of the world’s populated continents, where 4,500 sisters (and brothers) are working.

What else could be termed as real beauty other than a kind heart which makes everything in its vicinity freshen into joys & smiles. 

Being beautiful is not having perfect looks but it is in the perfect thoughts and actions. Beauty lies deep in the heart and soul... Explore the real beauty within yourself

For me Real Beauty comes from whom we are, not how we look like.

I have written this post for " what does real beauty mean to you?" contest by Yahoo!India & Dove


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  1. This is really what real beauty is all about! "Beauty lies deep in the heart and soul", You have put it in the most beautiful of words :)

  2. Thanks a lot Arti.. that was a really encouraging comment..

  3. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

  4. yeah Bharathi.. Beauty is how we feel inside and here it's Aura of the Beauty



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