Friday, March 25, 2011

This, I suppose

I have many questions running in my mind and want to tell people.

First thing, while crossing road though I show sign of crossing, but still y do u come in the same speed? Do u think I can cross so fast or just fly over the vehicles?

You can see the traffic jam and know that no one can move out of it or at least an inch, but y do u still honk? Foolish Right? Do U expect someone to pull you out of it?

I am happy that you have a horn to warn people, but why do u have tht weird sounds, which may cause heart attack to people.

I know the road is so congested and walking in tht congestion is a night mare, but still y do u dash others n walk.. Man!! No one is jobless here... Even we r in hurry.

If you have coins, please give to beggars otherwise, be calm coz I hate listening to ur argument and explanation with beggars at the signals... plz don’t do tht…

And here to all auto guys, don’t think tht ppl r foolish and just pay whtever u ask for, how silly the other day one guy was demanding Rs.50/- for 2 km tht too 9.00 AM in the morning… Ufff… just sick.

I understand that mobile phone is an awesome invention, which connects ppl wherever they r, but still don’t speak so loud in public places, which disturbs one’s peace and importantly plz turn off ur loud speaker whn ur MP3 player is on.. it just sucks to hear to ur music..

I find many people just spitting on the roads, I can’t ask them ye? But want to tell them not to do at least when a person is nearby, they just spit on ur feet EWWWWWW.

Plz don’t spit from the bus, u never know where and on whom it is going to fall. I am victim of it.

Guys u r so blessed to have a rich cars and an awesome music system in it, but it doesn’t mean that there is no limit for ur speed and music volume, have a little concern and maintain certain road manners.

Don’t be bitter if people over take u, that’s fine, buddy... Be safe… tht matters!!

Though I still complain about how people act and the stupid things they have to change, I understand one has his/ her own freedom to act... But I warn not at the cost of other’s inconvenience.

I guess, this is wht I suppose right now

Gud Day!! 

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