Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let Us Bring a Change...

An auto driver hates his wife, he don't want to see her anymore and he is not ready to pay her hospital bill also.. Can you guess what is the reason for his hatred? It is because she gave birth to a baby girl... this is not one auto driver story,and it is not concerned with one particular class of people, there are many such people who hate a girl baby from all classes of society.

Its 21st century, we have witnessed a lot of development in many fields around the world. World is moving towards progress, but age old evils are still showing their ugly face in the society.

According to a recent report by UNICEF up to 50 millions girls and women are missing from India's Population as a result of gender discrimination in India. in most of the countries in the world , there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males. In India , there are less than 93 women for ever 100 men in the populations. the accepted reason for the such a disparity is the practice of female infanticide in India. 

The only reason for the female infanticide/foeticide is people consider a girl child is signal for the beginning of Financial Ruin. Do you think ? It is not the same with the baby boy?

Female infanticide/foeticide is a curse to the society. India, and its culture known all over the world believes that a child is a gift of God buts does everyone take it as a gift? yes they do when it is a baby boy. I wonder, how the joy of parenthood, the emotion attached to the child vanishes when the child happens to be the girl. If the child is a gift or a blessing then why girls are not considered the same? why there is injustice?

What is the sin that tiny girl did and why are we stopping her from entering in to this world? Why are the little ones killed brutally? We live a in a society where on one end, we worship goddess and the other end we stop women being enter in to the society.

we live in a shameless society, neither we have guilt or hesitation to perform brutal acts.
Female infanticide definitely needs an urgent call
I can write pages on this topic and can quotes 100 of examples. but i stop here with a note to all.

Dear All,

Have you ever thought , if this continues the world will come to an end? 
Do u remember that the biological fact that, if the life of females come to an end how will men take birth in this world? 
Do you have right to kill the little ones?
Many organizations and communities are working together to bring change in the society and are taking many preventive measures against this act. 

To stop this brutal act, the change has to start from individual. I want each one of you to think about this and don't be part of this sin. Everyday all of you come across many successful women who made their parents, families and friends proud . Definitely there will be a successful women in ur life too. 

Stop female infanticide where ever it is possible and whatever way it is . . .
                                                                                            Save Baby Girls. 

 This post is published for Time to Change contest .

P.S: Few lines are quoted from Internet sources.


  1. We Indians are shameless. We can't think right or wrong when it comes to money.

    We need Bills and laws to stop us from doing wrong things. We have no moral standing and civic sense.

    Angry Ganu

  2. Hmm.. ya for evryone priorities in life r changing, everyone r running behind money n the social status.. but i believe still there r ppl who stick to the moral values.

  3. it's tragic... we have a long way to go. The education of such matters needs to be looked at from the root levels.

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and aregular visitor now.

    1. Ya education makes a lot of difference in many social issues prevailing in the society.

      Thank you for reading and your kind words, I am pleased :)

  4. very well said my dear...Girl child are bliss...if you consider them as a curse then it is the worst thing ...The appreciate the change you want to bring. Promoted!

    1. Sorry for late reply, thanks appreciating the change i want to see and for reading & promoting :)

  5. Imagine killing a beautiful baby - girl or boy. Money, without doubt, makes some people's world go round. It would be better to bring the girl up to feel she will be a successful business woman and not some monster's bride and then give her the dowry money to actually run a business. She'll be happier and safer and will happily look after her parents in their old age.

    1. Ya very true.. I accept your words, thanks for reading..


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